Our relaxation rooms

Unwind at Spa Wellness Venlo

Relax rooms

It is important to us that you relax when you come to Spa Wellness Venlo for the day.

Because we know that everyone likes to unwind in a different way, we have created several places where you can unwind.

In the restaurant and conservatory we have several places, where you can sit or lie on the relaxation beds. In the background you will hear the music and you can order any drinks and or snacks you feel like at that moment. Our staff is happy to pamper you.

If you prefer no music in the background while you rest, you can go to the 1st floor, where we have the rest room with screen light and beds or the relaxation beds, where you can also enjoy reading.

In addition, on the 1st floor is our famous Tutankhamun Room, where you can enter a whole other “dream” world.


Did you know that you can become very relaxed by watching the flames of the fireplace? What color is the fire and which way is the flame moving? Come cozy up in the cozy fireplace corner and treat yourself to a delicious smoothy or a nice coffee with Limburg flan.

Tutankhamun room

You can unwind in this mysterious space. Where are you? Are you in the desert in Egypt or are you in other realms? Let your imagination run wild. Lie down on the hanging beds, which have an ergonomic shape, and you will automatically become calm and relaxed!

Relax beds

Want to read or rest without music on? This is excellent on the recliners on the 1st floor. You can also enjoy a treatment such as a massage or facial on one of the relaxation beds.


In our large conservatory, you can enjoy the lounge sofas or have lunch and/or dinner at the dining tables. Did you know that daylight in the sunroom is also very healthy for you? It has a positive impact on your biological clock and also your mood! What more could you want?

Rest room

Relax at dusk after a relaxing sauna session, a delicious lunch or just because you are tired. You can do that on the 1st floor where our rest room with beds is. Dream away delightfully...


In addition to our various rest rooms, you can also enjoy the garden. Our garden is expansively landscaped. It breathes a natural atmosphere with lots of peace and greenery, a delight for all your senses. The birds also do their best to spoil you with their singing.

You can enjoy our garden on one of the sunbeds with a drink. But also sit attractively on the terrace and enjoy a delicious meal from the menu.

Our garden has a heated outdoor pool (which continues into the indoor pool) and a natural pool, which has a water temperature that "nature gives us."

We also have a lovely large whirlpool, where you can relax out of the wind and where the evening sun shines wonderfully.

By the way, in the summer you can enjoy a wonderful massage in our massage pavilion.