Our saunas

Unwind at Spa Wellness Venlo


In our Wellness Complex, we currently have 6 different sauna cabins and a large Turkish Steam Bath. All with a different theme and temperature.
Most guests choose the rose sauna on their first round of saunas. This sauna has a mild temperature with rose quartz and a wonderful rose scent, allowing you to relax and feel new energy. Besides the rose sauna, there are 5 other sauna cabins, where you can enjoy yourself.

Since most guests want to unwind in the sauna room, we ask that you always be considerate of each other in the sauna room. Do not hold entire conversations when in the sauna room with others. There is plenty of room for socializing in other places.

If you still really want to catch up in the sauna, there is the Lounge Sauna. This sauna also has a mild temperature, there is music in the background, magazines to read and nice cushions on the benches. Because of the mild temperature, you can stay here for a long time and chat to your heart’s content!

During the daily ascents, the team will let you enjoy the Opgietsauna. They will take you on a “journey” and may give you goosebumps!

Remember to cool off well and take your rest after each sauna session!

Revival sauna

A large and spacious sauna room with a temperature of about 85 to 90 °C. Sit or lie on comfortably wide benches. Sensational in this cabin is the Finnish infusion ritual. You sit or lie comfortably on the comfortable sauna bench. We pour ice water with an aromatic oil on the hot stones of the sauna heater. The cabin fills with a wonderful aroma.

The extra water on the stones greatly increases the sauna's wind chill. We spread the resulting moist air throughout the cabin by "waving" a damp towel. The heat and humid air settle on your skin and promote sweating.

If it gets too hot for you, you can cool down with ice cubes. After the ascension, we will treat you to a refreshing piece of fresh fruit or something else. A soaking is a thrill and the highlight of a good sauna session. you will feel pure, clean and very relaxed! We provide this surprising Finnish ritual daily based on availability.

Rose sauna

A mild sauna cabin. The temperature ranges from 65 to 70°C and is ideal for starting the sauna day. You enter a cabin with a soft atmosphere and you are pleasantly surrounded by the scent of roses.

On the sauna stove are large chunks of rose quartz stone. This is a stone with a loving, gentle aura and action. Crystal therapists consider rose quartz to be a purifying stone with healing properties. Therefore, this stone is great for detoxifying, relaxing and providing your body with new pure energy.

Your body feels clean and calm, free of all the tension and ballast from your busy daily existence. Your mind can open to love and growth. Because of the soft atmosphere that rose quartz radiates, you get back in touch with your own soft and true feelings. An intense sauna experience that gives you, your own sensitivity back!

Color sauna

The color sauna has a temperature of about 80°C and is a sauna in which the light changes color. Colors affect the entire body. Colors can be used to improve or balance any state of mind.

Lounge sauna

The lounge sauna has a comfortable temperature of 35 to 40°C. Unlike in the other sauna cabins, here you can socialize, read magazines and listen to music.

Turkish bath

The steam bath has a lower temperature than a Finnish sauna, but very high humidity. The room is filled with a dense warm mist of steam with a temperature of about 45°C.

Sitting or lying down, you will enjoy the beneficial effect of the warm mist on your body. Steam has a mildly pleasant effect on your breathing. In addition, a steam bath has a detoxifying effect.

Your skin drains waste products through perspiration and feels wonderfully clean after this steam bath. Steam cleanses, relaxes and clears the airways!

Finnish sauna

The Finsesauna is the traditional sauna, as most people know it. The Finnish sauna primarily serves to cleanse the body and relax your muscles.

The temperature of this sauna is around 90°C. The high temperature causes perspiration, thereby removing waste products from your body and ensuring good blood flow to the skin.

Infrared sauna

The sauna cabin is made of western red cedar. The scent of the Red Cedar wood is soothing. The temperature is around 50°C. The short-wave infrared rays heat your body directly and not the air around it, as in a regular sauna.

The infrared rays go deep into your skin and warm your body optimally and efficiently. The heat relaxes your muscle tissue and stimulates your circulation.

As a result, muscle tension decreases and your body parts relax. Are you an athlete and suffering from injuries? Then this sauna is ideal for you. Sore and injured muscles recover faster. The increased blood circulation adds more oxygen to the muscles and removes waste products such as lactic acid. The red rays enhance the effect of this sauna.