Beauty Summer blog

Beauty Summer blog

It’s summer!

That means your skin could use an extra vitamin boost!

Did you know that Some ingredients have remarkable, positive effects on our skin? Vitamin C is one of these special ingredients 🍊
Here are some of the benefits;

– Vitamin C combats Skin aging and evens out the complexion.
– Vitamin C provides powerful protection against harmful factors such as pollution and UV radiation.
– A product with vitamin C as an ingredient, provides a fresh look and younger-looking skin.
– Vitamin C reduces brown (pigment) spots
– Vitamin C helps make your skin brighter and protects against environmental pollution damage.

The multi vitamin ampoule from Babor is really a top product!
The multivitamin active ingredients in the rich ampoule are the ultimate vitamin booster for increased vitality.

Vitamins A, C, E, B5, B3, calcium and biotin provide the power cocktail for cared for, protected and strengthened skin. Result: fresh, vital and healthy-looking skin.😃
Give yourself that extra boost, 1 ampule every day for 7 days and beam! ☀️